In a dystopian future where blades are the dominant weapon, the economy is down, the U.S. is fragmented due to minor secessions, and dangerous criminals call for a stronger arm of law enforcement; a system of skilled, handcrafted agents exists to protect the innocent and defenseless. Their methods are effective but harsh, so Division 53 of Homeland Security is a hidden sector, and the members of the American Security Association are separated from civilians.

This series is about people who belong to and are affected by Division 53 in their daily lives. Some thrive in this system, some reject it, and others have been harmed by it. One fact is always the same though: they cannot escape it.


Target audience:

Teens, young adults, and adults. Readers who enjoy action, intrigue, character development, and organic relationship development. The situations are mature and provoking, but not explicit. Violence is used for purpose, not for gore or horror factors.

Published by Soul Fire Press under Christopher Matthews Publishing.





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