Editing and Blizzcon Prep

I attended a book marketing web seminar
today, offered through my publisher, Christopher Matthews (actually,
based on seeing the credit page in the latest version of the book, I
guess I’m under SoulFire Press now, the YA segment of Christopher
Matthews). I have to admit that I think that this webinar was meant for
people less saavy with the internet and computers. I did get good points
out of it though, and one is that I need to blog more.

So, necessity demands, and I will deliver!

I got the edited manuscript back from the publisher last week and have
been picking my way through the changes as I have time, accepting or
rejecting edits (and adding a few as I go – I’m pretty sure I could
still find things to edit in my books twenty years after they went to

I wish I could say I’ve been working on anything besides the edits, but my creative focus has shifted to the
physical. My friend and I got tickets to Blizzcon this winter, so we’ve
been plotting out how we’d like to prepare for it. We decided cosplaying
was a no-go, because we’d be so drastically outranked by all the other
cosplayers, plus we want to go for comfort, and costumes usually are not
very comfortable. Also, we’re Midwesterners, and I personally am afraid
of being too warm in Cali (my husband is probably busting a gut at
this), which often happens in costume. Our solution: companion pets!
We’re making plush versions of a few of our favorite companion pets from
World of Warcraft to accompany us to the convention.

I’m helping my friend to make a Mana Wyrmling (of the shimmering variety)
and a Plushie Elekk. I’m making myself an Azure Whelpling and Unborn
Val’kyr. We’re also putting together a Pepe for each of ourselves, and
maybe more to sell. We’re ambitious, but hopefully we have enough time
to finish most of them!

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