Character Journal: Josh


Dyspro is not dead nor missing. I’ve also seen Malkarai during the day plenty of times. Dyspro’s just dramatic. Always.

I’m honored that I’m still part of the group, to be honest. I thought Dyspro and his pissy girl hormones were going to end up leaving me out of everything for the rest of the time. I need these friends. Seriously, the only other thing I do is work. The only thing.

That’s a not so subtle beg for social inclusion, Saty.

Anyway, ever since the debacle with the ASA, knight work has pretty much returned to business as usual, except for our new class with Malk four days a week. It’s scheduled for shift change, so around 5 pm – which right now is just about dusk. Hm. Maybe that vampire argument has merit… He does seriously outclass the whole squad, not that most of them will admit it.

To be honest I’ll just be happy if they would realize he’s worth listening to and stop being a bunch of whiny spoiled bastards. I mean, I don’t know where the hell all these guys get this ego from. If any of us have right to be egotistical and self-assured about their qualifications to be a knight, it’s me – but I don’t ride that ship. I’m pretty sure I’m the only legacy knight that survived Kalyfa’s purge, and because I want to stay on the squad and be the best law enforcer I can be, I’m listening to Faerstathe. Brendan is too, but I think we’re it. We need the head knight to show up for them. The buttheads are infinitely better behaved when there’s an authority figure around.

Okay, bitching aside… I think it’s pretty cool we somehow picked up three more people to add to the gang. Malk and Traphian seem cool. They bicker a lot. It’s amusing to actually hear Malkarai talk though. He keeps his mouth shut most of the time. Traphian’s definitely more easy-going. Rafiane is pretty quiet but seems like a nice girl. It’s a really nice change for the better when it comes to Dyspro. Could this actually be his first serious relationship? Good God, I hope so.

Oh. Right. Trevor. That’s what I’m supposed to call Traphian now. I don’t know how people deal with alternate identities. I asked Traphian Trevor how long it takes him to get used to a new name and he said about long enough for him to need a new one. That would just blow.

I’ll make that a personal life goal – never fuck up bad enough to need a new identity. It took me like ten years to say my last name right. Gare-evn. Goddamn, is ‘evn’ even a real syllable? Screw you, previous family members.

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