Character Journal: Cypha


Ugh. I guess if Josh did this, I gotta too. I’d love to know why the person Satyrna’s trying to get to spill their heart and soul onto digital paper hasn’t even written anything yet. Oh, don’t give me that ‘no time’ line of bull, Satyrna – you see him like every freaking day.

I also see that Josh basically just bitched during his whole post. Can I do that too?

Satyrna says no because no one wants to read that many cuss words. Fucking lame.

Well, detailing my whole day would be so boring it’d put me to sleep, so I’ll spare all of you. We had one temp roommate move out and another one moved in. I joked about putting up a sign saying, ‘Dark Hostel’ but Dyspro didn’t find it as funny as I did. I’m surprised Malk moved out as fast as he did, but I guess it was Traphian (screw the alias, I don’t do fake names) who wanted to get something fast so he could get out of the inn. Hell, he’s already got a job. I’d ask him to teach me his secrets, but he got a job in the food service industry, and I’ll pass on that gig. He also likes cooking. What the crap? A guy cooking? I mean, not that I can really cook, but there’s just something totally weird about a sword-toting guy like him enjoying making food.

Satyrna joked about having him teach me, but that is a lesson I would actually be willing to take him up on. Just not the working in the food industry part.

Well, this is taking me forever to type because I missed the mandatory typing classes in grade school and they didn’t have them in high school, so I’m done. Satyrna, corner your boytoy and make him pull his end of this bargain already.

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