Not sure if it’s been distractions or procrastination, but yeah, my next character journal is waaaay late. I’ve started it, but Rae’s tough to write – and I have to write for her without dropping spoilers. Since Malk’s post I’ve reread and written in Afterworld (different series, based in high fantasy, sci-fi, and mythology – the first book is complete though), read most of The Hunt because I’ve had Teffifa on the brain, made an entire outfit for my Teffifa mod doll, and watched like two seasons of Doctor Who (they’re clogging up my DVR).

That’s not even touching the massive amount of not-fun work I’ve had to do. We’re trying to sell our house, so the past few months have been filled with packing, moving to storage, and cleaning. So much cleaning. Every time we have a showing or open house I have to pack up all our essential day-to-day items, load them in the car, clean, and then vacate, only to bring everything back in the house an hour later. Super annoying, and lots of work.

Also, I’ve finally, after 7 months of effort, landed a new job. I’m excited to start and work again, but also nervous about how much work it’s going to be to try and sell this house while also being away for 8 hours a day. I’d say it’ll be fine, I’ll just pick up every night… but my husband works from home, so the house can’t stay untouched.

The work is definitely worth it though, if the end result is that we get a new, bigger home in which we can stretch our legs, unpack and display all of our fun things – like our video games, movies, game systems, action figures, and my dolls. Plus our daughter will have an indoor play area and we’ll have room to entertain our other stay-in friends.

Of course though, what do I WANT to do? Draw, sew, make things, play with my dolls. AND I HAVE TO PACK THAT ALL AWAY SO PEOPLE CAN’T SEE HOW WEIRD I AM AND GET DISTRACTED FROM THE HOUSE.

I really wish this place would sell already. D: In the mean time, I’m going to try really hard to focus on The Haven. Promise.

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