Fall 2017

I’m trying to digitally draw with a new (to me) program, and it’s rough, flexing art muscles I haven’t used in years, but still trying to do it quickly because my available drawing time is very limited when I have two small girls who LOVE beating on my computer and stealing my mouse, as well as a husband who works more than full time. I have a deadline too, which is even worse, because I want to try and get something finished WELL by the end of the month.

This would’ve been easier to do if I hadn’t been emotionally bludgeoned by a rude man-child whose response to me asking simple questions about where I was to be physically placed in a convention hall was to threaten to take away my booth completely at a con at the end of this month. More details on that later.

I also need to finish up a costume of Teffifa Ripper, because no one is more eye-catching than my psychotic female juggernaut. 🙂

With the con I’m going to be selling books at at the end of this month, a wedding, Halloween, a trip to Anaheim at the end of next month for Blizzcon and Disneyland, and perhaps another convention to sell at after that, I’m looking at a very busy fall.

I’m still waiting on response from my editors (they’re making progress though) on The Haven, and I’m head-deep in The Hunt, so hopefully I’ll have new books to add to my selling stock soon. I’ll need to write up some marketing material for them before the cons hit.

I’m going to retire my Asbieart shop from conventions except for posting single pieces in art shows, displaying a few prints at cons, and doing custom orders. I want to focus 100% on my books at conventions – the art part was just too stressful and honestly, very unwelcoming and unfulfilling. Anyway, I have an English Writing degree, not an art degree, so I’m just gonna keep my art at home. I don’t want to keep up a stock – I prefer single projects.

And it’s obvious how much I love my books and characters, so it’s an easy choice. 🙂

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