The Hunt Re-Write

Ah, that wonderful, refreshing part of rewriting where I replace the oldest parts of the book. This always works better when I just keep writing and let the momentum carry me, but it’s so hard to resist the urge to read what I’ve written, mostly because I’m curious if the new stuff is better than the old, or just shiny because it’s new. The old stuff wasn’t bad to begin with, I just feel like it drags in comparison to the direction the new plot line has been headed. Guess I’ll see what works better when I finish this massive push. The Hunt could feasibly be finished by 2018 at this rate. 

I’ve also written 17 brand-new pages since Sunday night. Much better than consistently skipping a huge section of The Hunt every time I touch it. It’s not done yet, but I lost momentum on it and for some reason got the inspiration to re-write the major conflict portion. No idea what caused it, but I’m not going to ignore gifts when they’re given.

Random Trivia: The Hunt was originally two books called Surrender and Reign of the A******* (spoiler). I read through these books earlier this week (they aren’t that long) to see how I changed the characters that first showed up in this section of the series. The answer to that is: a LOT. Teffifa was barely in it before, Shawn was heavily implied to be involved with a girl 10 years younger than him (wtf me?) who is no longer 10 years younger than him, Swip was pretty much the same, Traphian was a jerk for absolutely no reason, A****a was incredibly blank (I didn’t give her very much character development. It was pretty lame and simultaneously impressive, for how much she was in the book), and Malk was a mopey mess still. He’ll always and forever be my emo kid, but The Haven’s done a lot to fix up and address his many issues.

The development of the two books after The Dark has been the biggest upheaval in all of my re-writing endeavors. I’m excited for my oldest fans to read the new versions of these stories, because they are legitimately brand new. I’ve changed major series events and characters, and I’m excited to see how that affects the later books.

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