The Haven is in Print!

So things with my publisher have been rightfully interesting due to illness on their end, so I wasn’t sure if the listing that Amazon had for The Haven was valid yet. My husband ordered a copy, and lo and behold, it’s legit. So, I’m published again!(?) I don’t know what the real publish date is for this book. The ebook is not yet available. BUT YOU CAN GET THE PAPERBACK! (Also, it’s on sale for 25% off, so go snag it now.) It’s legit, I promise. I held the second copy (that I’m aware of) in my hands today. The first has been sitting at UPS, addressed to my friend Megg, since Tuesday. 🙂

I’ll update when the ebook is available! (or if I ever find out the ‘real’ pub date)

The Haven, on Amazon

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