March Update!

Cabin Fever MiniCon was a lot of fun! Even though we didn’t sell very many books, our craft area was very popular, and we met some readers who’d already picked up The Dark, which is always a treat. We had a great time talking to people new and known. Thanks to everyone who came out despite the snowstorm!

Our next event is RodCon, at the Rod Library in Cedar Falls, IA! This convention is on April 13th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Also new on the calendar is DemiCon – which is not entirely new, per se, but the fact that we will not have a vendor table is! E.M. will be joining two panels of science fiction writers, one for readings from their works and the other for a discussion of current dystopian/apocalyptic literature! DemiCon 30 will be May 3rd through the 5th.

I just sent out a new newsletter with some information about Josh and a bonus scene with Josh and Cypha has been posted on the website!

This scene with Josh and Cypha fits between The Haven and The Hunt and will not be included in either, although what happens is important to the overall story (it just doesn’t need to be in print!). To read this scene (and others when they’re released), please visit the brand-new Bonus Content page on!

Warning: This has spoilers for The Haven, so do not read this if you haven’t read The Haven yet!

Last week, I signed and sent the contract to CMP and Soulfire, underneath its new owner, Suzanne Fhyrie Parrott of First Steps Publishing. She’s excited about the series and looking to update some things. The third book in the series is an important step for an author, so expect some rebranding and heavy marketing to come. I have a grammar editor taking a look at this book (he didn’t find any errors in the first 1/3 of the book), but once he’s finished, the final version will go to Suz to start the process! Release date may be late this year. (I’ll update with a more concise date after things get going. When I know, you’ll know!)

Editing has resumed on The Shield! My second alpha reader has just finished the book. There are still some major things to fix, but she gave the thumbs-up to the overall book and hates that she’s not holding the fifth in her hands right now.

And, I’m 106 pages into The Shield!

I’ve been quiet, I know, but it’s because I’ve been BUSY. Between family, work, sewing, commissions, video games (HAHAHA I wish), and writing, it’s a wonder I get to sleep!

More is coming though, and I’m excited to share it! 😉


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