So, I’ve been pretty quiet on here for the past two years – this new forever-at-home situation changed things up for everyone. For me, even though I adore my family, it meant that we were all together, all the time…. (READ MORE)

Writing a fiction series is like herding cats.

All right, here’s part two of how to make a book! This is entirely about how plans are completely pointless sometimes, and what I do to actually get the words on the page – and then make the words make… (READ MORE)

How to Write a Book

I recently had a friend tell me I should write about my book-writing process – a meta-book. I laughed and said that it wouldn’t be useful to anyone because everyone writes differently, but they clarified and said I should write… (READ MORE)

May’s been a rollercoaster

Sorry about the radio silence – it’s been an interesting and tumultuous month. It started off great, with DemiCon. Sales were all right, but I made a lot of new friends, contacts, and joined some groups. It was successful more… (READ MORE)

Spring Developments (It’s supposed to be Spring right now, right?)

So, in the past few weeks and in the upcoming month there’s a lot going on! Publishing: I sent The Haven in to my publisher last month and they sent me a contract for it! Everyone’s signed it and I’m… (READ MORE)