Cypha Vatale

Cypha Vatale by E.M. Johnson

Cypha Vatale by E.M. Johnson

Cypha’s tough, independent to a fault, and hard-working. Surrender was never a word in her vocabulary (lots of words aren’t, actually). She’s very loyal and although quick-tempered, enjoys a good time and keeps her friends close. Satyrna calls her her first charity project – just not to her face.

She grew up mostly on her own. Her father abandoned her when she was four. She was found and sent to an orphanage, but she escaped and came back to Cavington. Even when she returned home she stayed on her own, scavenging and stealing food until she met Satyrna, who pressured her into going to school and cleaning up her act. While she still supports herself completely, she has a high school diploma and shares a cottage with Dyspro (and Satyrna occasionally) now.


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