Josh Garevn

Josh Garevn by E.M. Johnson 2017

Josh is a third-generation Knight, and as such feels a lot of pressure in his position. He doesn’t agree with his grandfather (the previous Head Knight) and his views on the law and people, and has worked to ensure that he isn’t compared to him. His mother is similar to him, and taught him many things before he joined the force – mostly about the politics and how to get through them so he could focus on the important part: defending the town. He is very loyal to Kalyfa because he understands Josh’s stance and loyalties and respects them, and Josh is hesitant to betray that trust. His family owns the Knight’s castle stronghold, so major changes or renovations have to be approved by him.

Josh is also old friends with Barry and Dyspro, and, by proxy, Satyrna and Cypha and their families. Dyspro frustrates him at times, because he took the longest to grow up after high school and doesn’t always understand Josh’s loyalties. Despite their conflicts, they remain fast friends.


Josh Garevn by E.M. Johnson

Josh Garevn by E.M. Johnson

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