Kalyfa Desfete

Kalyfa Desfete by E.M. Johnson 2017

Kalyfa is the head of the Cavington Knights (the special police forces in Satyrna’s hometown) during the time of the Division 53 series. He is pragmatic, charismatic, and just. He takes crime-fighting seriously, and wants to protect every law-abiding citizen in Cavington, regardless of their circumstances. His intentions are good, but reality is much harder than idealities, especially because of the regime he inherited. At the very least, hangings are gone, darks are not being killed as ‘examples’, and the justice system is getting a chance to work. His job is hard, and made much harder when government agents show up and start messing with his authority, like Malkarai.

Kalyfa Desfete by E.M. Johnson

Kalyfa Desfete by E.M. Johnson

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