Swip Reed

Swip Reed by E.M. Johnson 2017

Swip is casual, good-humored, and generally pretty easy-going. He loves working on vehicles and fully intends on opening his own shop after his job inevitably injures him beyond repair. He was the fifth person to join Malkarai and Traphian’s generation at the Northwestern agency and usually hangs out with Shawn and Teffifa, although he’s been known to date and flirt with many people – both in the agency and not. He chose his new legal name when he joined the ASA – it’s a nickname he used to go by.

Division 53 
Personnel File 

Designation: Swip Reed
Age: 21 
Height: 5'11" 
Weight: 200 lbs 
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Blue
Rank: 14 
Level Approved: 6 
District: Northwestern 
Agency: 6 
Style: Sword, Knives, Daggers, Needles 
Team Members: Shawn Oversia, Teffifa Ripper 
Notes: Social agent. Congenial and approachable.




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