The Dark

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Malkarai Faerstathe is a skilled agent hunting the most dangerous criminals in the country as a covert enforcer. He was born with black sclera, and has dealt with society’s reaction to this mutation since birth – a range from polite curiosity to outright revulsion. Because of his mutation he is a very secretive person, selective and possessive about who is close to him – all of whom he lost at a young age

Satyrna Hennessin is a bright, intrepid, optimistic young woman with a passion for helping and healing. She has an unusual fascination with and for defending those with the dark mutation, beginning when two dark friends of hers were unfairly killed at a young age.

Even though her intentions are honorable, Satyrna still sees only Malkarai’s physical appearance, and when she tries to help him, things take a quick downward turn.


The Dark is the first book of the Division 53 series.


Published by Soul Fire Press under Christopher Matthews Publishing.


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