Manhunt and Marketing

Back to writing today! I’ve been editing
Manhunt since my husband gave it a thorough read-through at the turn of
the year, and am busy splitting it into two books, the second of which
I’ll have to title anew (UGH). I really hate titling things. Don’t be
surprised if Manhunt itself gets retitled, thanks to there being several
video games and a movie out there with the same name. This is what
happens when you take fifteen years to publish things – people take the
names and make them way more popular than you ever can hope for.

Oh well. At least The Streets, The System, The Ripper, and The Conspiracy won’t change (most likely).

I’ve been getting tons of suggestions and help from family, friends,
long-time fans and new fans about where to market, what books are
similar to The Dark, and how I can get more people interested in the
book. My husband has been a huge support, not just with The Dark about
to be published, but throughout my entire writing career. I have a
degree in business, but he’s definitely my marketing guru. He’s got lots
of lists of places to talk to and people to get to talk about The Dark,
and a lofty goal of making my book a bestseller. He even made me a list
of things to do, like join Twitter. His influence and fingerprints are
all over the books themselves too – not just from his great suggestions
and edits, but because he has actually used a sword and knives through
taekwondo and personal interest. So, he’ll choreograph a fight for me,
and I’ll write the scene over top of it. I think it turns out pretty
great, if I may say so.

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