Character Journal: Satyrna

I’m going to start a series of journal entries written by the characters from The Dark (and The Haven). These will take place directly after The Dark has finished, and for now, before the events of the sequel, The Haven.


January 3, 2037

My name is Satyrna, and I have a dear friend with a massive sharing problem. As in, he doesn’t share anything with anyone. And it really is a problem, even though he may beg to differ. For his own mental health, I want him to try and open up and share about himself – starting with simple, seemingly inconsequential things like day to day life, and maybe he’ll start being more open with the things that matter. I already know that I can’t devote the time to sitting down and interrogating- I mean, interviewing him all day long, I’m just too busy and he’s too damn shy, so I want him to start keeping a journal. He doesn’t like the idea of journaling and then sharing it with people, so I’m asking some of our other friends to do the same thing to make him feel more comfortable. Some of them are more than willing, and others gave me a look like I asked them to cross-dress and sing karaoke. I think the willing ones would probably do that without fighting too though… Oh well, maybe it’ll help everyone in the long run! Obviously I have more than one friend with issues. 🙂

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