Character Journal: Dyspro


For the record, Satyrna now owes me three donuts. One was for a previously fulfilled favor, two are for a chronicle of my super exciting life. I’m not sure why she needs me to write this – the girl’s known what I’m supposed to be doing each day better than I do since we were toddlers… but being as she’s giving me the stink-eye, I suppose I should do what I was asked.

This morning started off like most. I woke up cold because I can’t buy enough insulation to make that place toasty on what I make, so I did a few curls and exercises and got dressed. Cypha was already gone, but I woke up our resident freeloader and grabbed something to eat. Malk said that he and Traphian had found an apartment, so it sounds like he’s going to be vacating soon. Maybe I’ll ask Rae if she wants to take that room over until she can figure something else out.

I went to my parents’ house and took a glorious, not freezing crap, because I try and avoid going to the bathroom at the cottage as much as humanly possible. It was pretty glorious.

Satyrna, who is apparently watching me over my shoulder just hit me and insisted no one wants to read about that, but being as our friends are more male than female, I seriously doubt it. cfdslken Ow. She hit me again. I guess I’ll write about something else. This is censorship! I’ll not be muted! I’ll delete nothing!

Okay, I guess I will be censored. She threatened to take the computer away and give me no donuts. Anyway, after visiting my parents I went to work on a furnace with my dad. I keep getting asked if I can work on things like furnaces and water heaters and air conditioners, but I don’t have the proper training to do it. I always have to call him in and then share the pay. I’m going to have to suck it up and go to school next fall or the pay’s gonna keep blowing. I’ve got a girlfriend to spoil again – and I actually want to this time – so I guess I should probably think about how I can make more money.

The furnace took most of the day and then I went to evaluate a drywalling job at an office downtown. Hopefully they contract me – drywall’s easy. Then I met Rae for supper. She said she’d be happy to take the extra room, if Cypha didn’t mind. If Cypha minds I’ll be surprised, but I guess I should blow the idea past her first. If I ever see her this week. For not being a morning person, she is up before the ass-crack of dawn every damn day, and I swear she’s in bed as soon as it’s dark. Guess she likes this job. I’ve seen more of Malkarai lately, and I swear he’s never there. Half the time I don’t think he’s even sleeping there – but I think he’s part vampire, so he’s probably not sleeping until it’s daylight anyway.

Satyrna just gave me a look, but didn’t answer the question. Inquiring minds want to know: are you a vampire, Malk?

Someone do me a favor and alert the authorities if I go missing after this post.

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