Character Journal: Malkarai


Satyrna was grumbling all night about how Traphian isn’t playing along and that I need his help more than anyone’s and all this other stuff, so I’m going to leave this as a surprise for her when she gets up for work. Traphian’s not exactly a ‘bare your soul’ kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. To be honest, I know more about him than I’ll ever need to know, so he doesn’t need to write anything – and everyone else? Well, they should just get to know him how I did. Hopefully with less bumps, bruises, and scoldings from authority figures though.

Yeah, I have sharing issues. This is hard for me, talking (or writing) about myself without a prompt of some kind. I grew up with the impression that no one cared what I thought or felt. Traphian always just kinda knew what I was thinking or feeling, and Arista eventually figured it out. I guess no one else really cared that much. My co-workers and friends just weren’t that… sensitive. We were all tough as hell, and we looked out for each other, but these heart-to-hearts that Saty is used to didn’t happen. Arista was always the most sensitive of all of us, but she and I had a unique relationship, so that wasn’t the norm. Teffifa’s always been more callous than the guys were, and Swip was more likely to just make you laugh than ask why you looked down. Shawn would listen, but never push – which usually meant there wasn’t much conversation.

We were always lumped together – the six of us – because we were all the same generation, but even in our group we had separation most of the time. Traphian and I did most things together because we both started training earlier than the rest, Arista worked with people in different generations because she chose the career path she did, and Teffifa, Shawn, and Swip always stuck to each other because they did everything together – training, class, meals. So, when my two closest friends went missing… I kind of just kept to myself. Even when the guys and Teffifa asked me to come along or sit with them I didn’t really say anything.

So, I guess my point is – I am talking. I am sharing. It’s just really hard for me to pipe up with random shit, because I still think no one really cares. So if you really want to know about something, ask me.

No, I am not a vampire. I can smell blood from a decent distance though… but Teffifa’s way better at it than I am. I’ve never asked anyone else about it. That’s just from overexposure though, not some kind of bloodthirst. I prefer ice cream or egg rolls for a late night snack. Yes, I do prefer the dark over daylight. Personal preference.

I have questions though, so I guess I can make this a two-way exchange. Well, more than two-way. Seven-way? Is Saty including Rae in this? Whatever.

Josh, how exactly does this knight system work? You’re legacy, right? Is it an inherited, family thing? Obviously not all of the knights are like that, so what are their ‘qualifications’ that have to be met?

Rae, I could probably just ask you this next time I see you… but you said you like to sew… think you could mend a few tears in a coat? I stitched them shut already, but you can tell I’m used to sewing flesh.

Traphian, this isn’t a question. No goddamn lawn furniture, please. I’m begging you. I want a recliner. We always joked about having our own recliners. Let’s get a recliner, for crying out loud. Stop being such a cheap-ass.

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