I’m still alive, I swear

I’ve had a major writing dry spell due to having to put all of my energy into two different live-changing events – we added another member to our family in June, and moved to a new house in a new town a substantial distance from my hometown – thankfully still within visiting distance for us and our family and friends. I’ve been unpacking, setting up furniture, organizing, and decorating – plus wrangling a toddler and infant.

I also attended my first convention as a vendor a week ago, trying to sell not only The Dark, but artwork and plush as well. I got a fair amount of interest and passed out quite a few business cards. If you’re one of the ones who found this site via the con, welcome!

I have a lot of marketing work to do, and I need to add a lot more items to my Etsy shop. Networking and talking with people at the con also gave me some great ideas about how to change my approach. My husband and my friend helped me brainstorm new strategies, and I’m aiming to go to Demicon in Des Moines, IA next spring and see how I can do there.

Now that I’m in-between cons though, I’m going to focus on Halloween (my favorite holiday), and then hopefully get back to editing The Haven!

Thanks for the patience!


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