Series Progress!

I’m so terrible at journaling. I’m sorry! However, I feel like this definitely warrants a post, so I’ll whip something together.

I finished the first draft of The Shield (book 4) last night! This book was a little different from the others in that my alpha reader read it before I was done and helped me figure out the ending. It was a really complicated ending, and needed finesse and loads of planning. He has since finished reading the ending and given me two thumbs-up. So, I’m calling the first draft complete!

What’s next? Well, nothing for The Shield, unfortunately. It gets to stew for a little bit. I need to go back to The Hunt (book 3), reread it, make edits and revisions based on my beta readers’ commentary, blow the changes past them, and then send it back to two of the beta readers (one of them it will be their second read, the other it will be their first – I’ve added a new beta reader!).

After they have The Hunt, then I’ll work on fixing up The Shield based on my alpha reader’s edits, and then throw it to all of my beta readers, probably before those two readers are even finished with The Hunt. The Hunt will be released early next year! I wanted to do it late this year, but I got a real people job, and time and funds just weren’t there. However, it’s budgeted (in both regards) for next year! After they’re done I’ll have to format it – put in chapters and breaks, etc. Organize the madness.

The Shield ends on a real cliffhanger (sorry, not sorry – this was intended from the get-go), so I REALLY wanted to keep plowing forward with the story and start on The Streets (book 5), but I put on the brakes and circled back around to The Hunt out of responsibility. You’re welcome. I have a whole half of the cast to get you guys familiar with!

In real world news, I have my last convention of 2018 this weekend! I’ll be at LitCon at the Cedar Falls Public Library this Saturday from 9am-4pm. The con is free, and there’s a bunch of great authors and vendors planning on being there – so if you’re in the area, come check it out!

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