Satyrna Hennessin

Satyrna Hennessin by E.M. Johnson 2017

Satyrna Hennessin, is a bright, intrepid, optimistic young woman with a passion for helping and healing. She has an unusual fascination with and for defending those with the dark mutation, beginning when two dark friends of hers were unfairly killed at a young age. She was born and raised in Cavington, Minnesota and lives with her parents Anna and Dregan and her older sister, Patricia. Her older brother, Adam, lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her best friends are Dyspro Tanen, Josh Garevn, and Cypha Vatale, but she has a number of close friends.

Satyrna has a Facebook account – which is scarcely updated, because she doesn’t spend much time online.

Satyrna Hennessin by E.M. Johnson

Satyrna Hennessin by E.M. Johnson

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