Doll Stories

There is an entire cast that could, at best, be considered living in an alternate universe from the canon Division 53 story. There are familiar names, personalities, relationships, and especially, faces – but the stories are different. Since 2019 I’ve really dove into the doll hobby, specifically the vinyl BJD portion. I’ve built, painted, modified, sewn, and created all of my favorite characters from my books – plus more! While a lot of what I do with them is crafting and sewing-related, I also tell stories with them. I set them up, take photos, and then caption them like comics. They pose pretty great, I think. Each story is limited to 10 images (Instagram’s post limit), but sometimes I will make them longer and span many posts over many days. After three years of this, the cast has grown, the stories have multiplied, and there is a pretty large following for just these stories. Even though this is definitely an AU, I still feel very attached to this version of my characters, and see no reason to hide their connection. It is still my brain and creativity creating these, they are just not in print!

So, if you enjoy the characters but long for more humor, shorter snippets, maybe just like anime dolls, or just want more content in between books – check out the Division 53 Doll Stories! I’m going to post them all here as links to IG, but in chronological order and without all the ‘extra’ posts (I also post profile pics, arts and crafts, how-tos, bloopers, and other random things). This is only an archive of the stories.