The Haven

Just after winning his freedom, Malkarai is lying low and trying to adapt to a civilian lifestyle. He struggles with training the resistant knights, a family that wants to know him when he does not return the sentiment, finding ways to still feel useful and accomplished without using his established skills, and trying to cope with all of the problems from his past that are still haunting him. With Satyrna and Traphian’s help he survives and thrives. However, just when he’s starting to relax, two hunters – anarchists that exist solely to dismantle government groups they do not approve of – show up, looking for him. Malkarai keeps a low profile as advised by the knights, however, the hunters manage to find his weakness and things take a sinister turn.


This book is a direct sequel to The Dark, taking place just after the events of the first book in the Division 53 series. The cast of characters will be very familiar, and greater depth will be given to the main characters from the first book, as well some of the supporting characters.

The Haven is now available in print and on Amazon in ebook and KindleUnlimited!


Published by Soul Fire Press under Christopher Matthews Publishing.


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