The Hunt

Division 53 is secret, so its enemies must be dealt with quickly, quietly, and thoroughly. Teffifa, Shawn, and Swip are great at cleaning up these threats in addition to their normal work due to their strong harmony. These three best friends challenge, support, and look out for each other, and are incredibly successful as a result. After several life-changing events, this rapport is threatened. Secrets and personal issues put all of their lives in danger and could ultimately break up their team – and friendship – for good.

The third book in the series has an entirely different focus from the previous two novels – now you get to see what working for Division 53 is like, and you get to follow three people who actually enjoy their jobs. Those three people are colorful, engaging, and full of all kinds of different flaws. It is still important to know what has happened before this story, however, because the events of The Dark and The Haven directly impact major issues in this book.

The Hunt is now available in print and on Amazon in ebook and KindleUnlimited!

Published by Soul Fire Press under Christopher Matthews Publishing on 9/15/2019.

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